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Creating the perfect grey resin driveway

Sleek, seamless and oh-so stylish, a grey resin bound driveway is a great way to make an exterior design statement while also welcoming guests into your home or business. Alongside the many inherent practical benefits of opting for a resin bound driveway, choosing a resin driveway with a grey surface can help to keep your property looking both trendy and inviting for years to come.

Below, we explore why grey resin driveways are so popular as well as both the costs and benefits of installing this type and colour of driveway. With over 40 years of experience in the paving industry, we can offer expert design, layout and technical advice to ensure you select the perfect driveway for your property!

Why are grey resin driveways popular?

First and foremost, grey resin bound driveways are chic, shiny and contemporary, making them a more aesthetically-appealing option compared to uninspiring tarmac or concrete. Furthermore, the exact tone of grey can be tailored to your personal preferences as the surface colour is created using an aggregate mixture of different coloured stones.

At Impress Construction, for example, we offer several grey surface colour variations including light-coloured mixtures such as Alpine”, Fossil” and “Lightening Silver” as well as darker grey creations including “Moon Shadow”, “Slate Grey” and “Eclipse”. These multi-coloured aggregate mixtures add depth and personality to any space, often creating a better finish and colour than monotone driveways.

These neutral grey tones are also incredibly popular right now, with grey interiors and exteriors becoming commonplace in trendy modern homes throughout the UK. Plus, businesses could even stand to benefit from the stylish appearance of grey resin driveways as they add curb appeal to any company office or storefront.  Ultimately, these grey-based neutral colour combinations pair perfectly with both new builds and contemporary homes and businesses, making them an all-round popular choice.

Still unsure as to whether this style and colour of driveway is the right choice for your home or commercial premises? Below, we list some of the key, practical advantages of opting for a grey resin driveway that might just tempt you to uphaul your exterior today!

Benefits of grey resin driveways

If you’ve been searching for a low-maintenance and easy clean driveway with a seamless appearance, then look no further than resin driveways. Also known as resin bound surfacing, resin driveways boast a brilliant tolerance (handling pedestrians and light vehicle traffic with ease), allow water to pass through to prevent puddles and watermarks, and are even resistant to both oil and petrol.

Not to mention, resin driveways are also firm and flat as well as being both crack and slip-resistant, making them ideal for a whole host of residential and commercial premises including workplaces, nursing homes and care homes. Thanks to all these handy benefits, it’s no wonder that resin bound surfacing is the fastest-growing surfacing solution in the UK.

How much do grey resin driveways cost?

The cost for a grey resin bound driveway will be the same as any other colour of resin driveway and naturally, the exact cost will depend on the area that requires covering as well as the location of the project and the quality of the materials. However, prices often vary between £40 to £70 per m² with an average cost of £60 per m². For example, a medium-sized (50m²) resin driveway is likely to cost in the region of £2000-£2500.

Grey resin driveway ideas

Stuck for driveway design inspiration? Having laid countless paving solutions, we can help guide you towards the perfect grey for your property’s driveway! Favour a fresher feel? For a bright and more modern appearance, we recommend a lighter grey concoction like our “Alpine” and “Fossil” aggregate mixtures.

Light and airy, these light grey aggregate mixtures are sprinkled with warming tones too to prevent the driveway from feeling too cool and uninviting. As a result, they’re ideal for pairing with residential properties that are painted in a similar grey tone or bright colour. Thanks to the warming tones, these light grey shades also complement brickwork properties.

For professional and commercial properties, however, dark grey resin driveways offer a more sophisticated and low-maintenance alternative. At Impress Construction, for example, our dark grey shades include “Moon Shadow” and “Slate Grey” – both of which contrast beautifully against bright white properties. They also complement buildings with a darker exterior and help to hide surface dirt.

Grey resin driveway installations

A resin driveway in grey colour is installed in the exact same way as any other colour of resin driveway – the only difference being the colour of the aggregate mixture used to create the surface shade. The basic process of installing a resin driveway involves spreading the resin mixture on top of either a new or existing concrete or tarmac base. Once laid, the resin layer is sealed to help prevent stones, seeds and weeds from rooting themselves into your new driveway.

Discover resin driveways at Impress Paving!

Looking for a reliable and expert team of pavers to lay your gloriously grey resin driveway? Our team of resin driveway specialists are ready and raring to take on your paving project, so why not get in touch today to discover how we can transform the exterior of your property?

Based in the heart of Huddersfield, we can travel to a wide range of locations including Yorkshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Stockport, Didsbury and Wilmslow to tackle your driveway revamp. For all your resin paving enquiries and quotes, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01484 644396 where you can discuss your driveway desires with an experienced member of our team.

Alternatively, you can also contact us online to send us your enquiry! However, if you decide to contact our team, we can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote that’ll bring you one step closer to achieving your driveway dreams!

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