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Based on a driveway area of 100 m2 or less, if the weather is dry, and access is good, then groundworks (preparation) can be completed within a couple of days. Taking ‘concrete pouring’ into account and ‘finishing off,’ a time frame of around 5-7 days is average from start to finish. Again, this can vary depending on the size of your project. Get in touch to discuss your driveway requirements!
Naturally, the cost of our imprinted concrete service will vary depending on the size of your project. However, we offer highly-competitive prices and can match a like for like quote as we pride ourselves on providing a professional and comprehensive service at an affordable price.
we provide the full pattern imprinted concrete service. From excavation to washing and sealing the final product, we’re there every step of the way. Our complete service starts with digging out and excavating the area, we then create a 150-millilitre base of hardcore stone (either MOT type 1 or type 2 stone). We finish this stage by flattening and levelling this base foundation. We then add 100-millilitres of C45 concrete, the concrete colour and UV protection on top of the foundation. After this, the customer’s choice of pattern is imprinted. Once this has been left to settle and dry, the surface is washed and sealed, and finished with an anti-slip coating. Our customers can then enjoy a strong, durable and aesthetically-appealing driveway that can accommodate vehicles weighing up to an impressive seven and a half tonnes
Yes, we offer a choice of 23 different surface colours and 20 patterns for our imprinted driveways to ensure the personality of your property shines through. Whether you prefer a Charcoal Farmyard Cobble or a Biscuit Random Stone pattern on your driveway, we will install them.
Yes, thanks to both the practical benefits of imprinted concrete and the wide range of colours and patterns, imprinted concrete makes a smart choice for many business premises.
Once the driveway has been sealed, it can be walked on after just three hours. However, it’s recommended that you wait three to four days until vehicles can be driven and parked on the driveway.
Typically, you can expect imprinted concrete to last up to an impressive ten years. At Impress Construction, our imprinted concrete driveways are even covered by our 10 Year Impress Construction Guarantee for your peace of mind.
Your chosen colour of imprinted concrete can’t fade, but accumulated surface dust and dirt can affect the appearance of the colour, so it’s important to regularly clean the surface.
No, at Impress Paving, both excavation and full removal is included in the price for hassle-free installation.
No, planning permission is not required to install imprinted concrete which makes creating a new concrete driveway or patio an even easier process.
Due to the complicated process of installing a reliable sub-base, mixing the concrete, imprinting your choice of pattern and sealing the surface, installing pattern imprinted concrete yourself is not recommended.
As pattern imprinted concrete driveways and patios boast a sealed surface, they’re often easy to both maintain and clean using a pressure washer on a low setting. Paired with soap and water or a dedicated patio and driveway cleaner, your outside space will be gleaming in no time.
Imprinted concrete has a long list of benefits including the that fact that it’s more efficient to lay, more affordable than block paving and requires only minimal maintenance. It’s also durable, strong and adds instant curb appeal to your property as it can mimic many high-end materials like stone and slate.
Thanks to the durable nature of imprinted concrete, it is highly-resistant to cracking. However, in the rare event that a crack does appear, it’s often a hairline crack that can be repaired through resurfacing the area.
Block paving is a more expensive surfacing option than imprinted concrete. This is because block paving requires the purchase of individual bricks, rather than just the batch of concrete and the colour of your choice. The individual bricks in block paving also take longer to lay.
While imprinted concrete may initially be more expensive than tarmac, the durability and low-maintenance features of imprinted concrete can make it a more affordable option in the long run.