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What is the best colour for a resin driveway?

As the entrance to your home or business, the driveway is vital to creating a first good impression. Regardless of whether you’re welcoming guests or customers, both the appearance and condition of your driveway is sure to have an impact, so why not make the best impression with a sleek, long-lasting and low-maintenance resin bound driveway installation in the colour of your choice?

What colours do resin driveways come in?

With so many resin bound driveway colours to explore, it can be difficult to pick the perfect shade. Here at Impress Construction, for example, we offer a veritable rainbow of resin colours for driveways. This impressive selection of surface colour options (a coloured aggregate mixture) ensures there’s a suitable shade to complement the exterior of any and every property.

From the rich intensity of darker, deluxe colours to the light and bright impact of modern shades, you needn’t worry about not finding the right surface colour combination for your home or business. At Impress Construction, for example, we offer 40 different resin driveway colours that’ll be seamlessly blended into the resin mixture and professionally installed by our experienced team of pavers.

How to pick the perfect resin driveway colour

The perfect colour for your resin driveway will depend on a variety of factors including whether the property is a business premises or personal home, the character/age/style of the property and any personal preferences. However, thanks to decades of experience in this industry, we can point you in the right direction!

For example, if you want to add instant warmth to the exterior of your property, we recommend colours such as ‘Athena’, ‘Merlot’ and ‘Sorrento’. These red-based aggregate mixtures create a welcoming and inviting feeling that suits traditional homes. If you’d prefer a more modern resin driveway colour, however, then why not explore shades like ‘Slate Grey’, ‘Alpine’ and ‘Glacier’?

These grey-based neutral colour combinations are ideal for pairing with new builds and contemporary homes, while a smarter, more business-appropriate appearance can be achieved using monochrome mixtures like ‘Onyx’. A black-based aggregate mixture, this resin driveway colour boasts a similar appearance to tarmac while retaining the many practical advantages associated with resin driveways.

Regardless of the exact aggregate colour you decide to incorporate into your dream driveway, you’re sure to be impressed by the sheer number of shades on offer. To discover the additional benefits of opting for a resin driveway, we suggest taking a look at our resin driveway service page where you can explore the advantages of this surfacing solution and find out more about Impress Construction.

Can you change the colour of a resin driveway?

While you can resurface a resin driveway, there’s no way to completely change the colour of the aggregate once it’s been installed and sealed. To change the colour, the driveway will need to removed and replaced. Luckily, however, all of the aggregate colours offered at Impress Construction are both UV and fade-resistant, ensuring your driveway continues to make a colourful statement for many years after resin driveway installation.

Resin Driveways from Impress Construction

For a myriad of resin driveway colours, look no further than the extensive selection of resin driveway shades offered at Impress Construction. Thanks to 40 years of experience in the construction industry, we can provide exceptional customer support while we deliver a wide variety of resin driveways to homes and businesses across the country.

Regardless of whether you’re located in Yorkshire or Greater Manchester areas, our well-equipped team of professional pavers are based in the heart of Huddersfield, giving them the ability to travel to a range of locations both near and far. So, why not choose a driveway that’s just as luxurious as it is long-lasting when you opt for a resin surfacing solution?

To find out more about our low-maintenance and stylish resin driveways, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today. For a free, no-obligation quote or to receive an answer to a range of resin driveways enquiries, you can either speak to a member of our team by calling us on 01484 644 396 or use our online contact form to get in touch.

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