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cleaning resin bonded driveways

How to look after your resin driveways

Once you’ve transformed your tired-looking driveway into a sensational resin driveway, we expect you’ll want to keep it that way. Investing in the right maintenance tools and cleaners is therefore essential to preventing moss, weeds, and oil stains from spoiling the smart and seamless appearance of your new driveway!

To help you learn how to clean resin driveways the right way, the team of expert resin driveway installers here at Impress Paving have put together this handy article. From explaining how you can remove surface stains with ease to the best way to eliminate moss, we’ve included everything you could want to know about cleaning resin driveways and patios.

Can you pressure wash a resin bound driveway?

Yes, when it comes to picking the best tools for cleaning resin bonded driveways, a pressure washer (also referred to as a jet washer or power washer) is an effective choice for blasting away surface dirt, grime, moss, and more.

However, to avoid damaging the surface, you should only jet wash the resin driveway with a maximum pressure of 150 bar. Despite the resin surface being particularly durable, excessive pressure when cleaning resin driveways could cause damage that affects the seamless finish.

Furthermore, the water temperature on the jet washer should only be either cold or moderately warm/tepid rather than hot, and the nozzle of the jet washer should be held between 20-30cm away from the surface of the resin driveway.

Another way to avoid damaging your resin driveway when using a pressure washer is to use it in conjunction with a fan-type lance. As the name suggests, this lance will help to spread the water in a fan-like manor, ensuring a greater surface area can be cleaned with ease.

What is the best cleaner for resin driveways?

Searching for the best resin driveway cleanerto ensure the entrance to your home or business is polished to perfection? If you don’t want to invest in a pressure washer or this heavy duty outdoor cleaner isn’t delivering the results you’d hoped for, there are plenty of other cleaning options to explore.

First and foremost, you can rid your resin driveway of moss, algae, and surface dirt by using any suitable acid-free cleaner designed to be used on resin bound aggregate surfaces. There exists a wide range of patio and driveway cleaners currently on the market, but you should always follow the manufacturers instructions and check whether they’re suitable for cleaning resin bonded driveways before you get started.

Alternatives to dedicated resin driveway cleaner do exist (and we explore some of them below!). However, you can always get in touch with the company that installed your resin driveway to find out more about their recommended maintenance and cleaning methods.

How do you get stains out of a resin drive?

Luckily, many resin driveways are surprisingly resistant to oil and petrol spillages. However, if the spillages are left to sit on the surface, they can create unwanted staining, which often ruins the appearance of the smart and smooth resin driveway.

To tackle this staining, resin driveway installers tend to suggest using a household detergent or degreaser, a bleach solution, or a moss and algae remover. Each one of these staining solutions will come with their own manufacturer’s instructions that you should follow to prevent further staining or damage.

Once you’ve removed the stains using one of these solutions, it’s vital that the surface is either pressure washed or at least hosed down with clean water to ensure any residual chemicals are washed away and aren’t left to sit on the surface for a prolonged period.

Do resin driveways get weeds?

No, due to the smooth surface of resin driveways (unlike paving stones and imprinted concrete), any resin driveway that’s been professionally installed to a good standard shouldn’t get any weed growth from below.

However, a very small amount of weed growth is sometimes present if a seedling is blown onto the driveway. Fortunately, these weeds are relatively easy to remove. Most resin driveway installers will recommend periodically using a moss and algae killer (according to the manufacturer’s instructions) to prevent this weed growth from occurring.

How do you get moss off a resin driveway?

Is unsightly moss ruining the smart and seamless appearance of your resin driveway? If so, you needn’t worry. Thanks to the low-maintenance properties of resin-bound gravel, the surface can often be easily cleared of moss using either a broom or a power washer.

While a broom will be more effective for removing small, newly-formed areas of moss, a power washer may be necessary for clearing large areas of moss that’s been left to grow. Alternatively, a moss and algae killer can also be used to remove moss.

Can you put bleach on a resin driveway?

Some resin driveway-installers will also recommend a bleach solution for clearing away moss and weeds. However, some will advise that you use a diluted bleach solution, whilst others will suggest using a stronger concoction.

Ultimately, you should always check with the manufacturer and installer to determine the right bleach concentration to use on your driveway.

However, if you do decide to use a bleach solution or any other chemical cleaner to remove moss, you should always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions to prevent damaging the surface.

Furthermore, regardless of which tool or chemical moss-remover you decide to use, it’s always best to thoroughly rinse the surface after use to avoid staining. You should also take into consideration any environmental constraints when you are using bleach to clean your outdoor space or property.

Should you put bleach on a resin driveway?

While bleach is well-known for being a strong, multi-purpose cleaner both indoors and out, it’s not without its disadvantages. This combination of chemicals isn’t pet-safe, can pose a health threat to children, and is known to be harmful to aquatic life.

As a result, bleach is widely considered to be bad for the environment, so you should shop around for an eco-friendly alternative if this is an issue.

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