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How do I stop my resin driveway from being slippery?

Finding your existing or newly installed resin bound driveway slippery? Or maybe you’d like to find a comprehensive answer to ‘are resin driveways slippery’ before committing to revamping your driveway with a touch of resin. Luckily, the expert team of resin driveway installation experts at Impress Construction can help.

Below, we explore whether resin driveways come with a non-slip surface, the various factors that can increase the risk of slips and slides on a resin bound driveway, and what you can do to prevent your own resin driveway from becoming a slippery safety hazard. For all these answers and more, simply carry on reading!

Are resin driveways non-slip?

Yes, resin driveways actually boast a reassuring anti-slip surface that’s made by including glass grit in the resin mixture. Firm and flat, resin driveways also pose a minimal risk of tripping when compared to block paving and other traditional surfacing solutions.

As a result, resin bound paving make ideal additions to the outside of care homes and schools, as well as residential properties and business premises.

Why is my resin driveway slippery?

If you’re still finding your resin bound driveway slippery – then the elements may to be blame! Due to the lack of texture on resin bound driveways (they always have a smooth, flat surface), water and ice can make the surface slippery.

Fortunately, resin bound driveways also come complete with a porous, permeable membrane which allows surface water to easily pass through. This ensures a reduction in the degree and number of puddles on your driveway, but in particularly heavy downpours, these puddles may take slightly longer to drain away.

Similarly, if the weather turns particularly cold right after a significant downpour, then patches of ice may appear on the surface of your resin bound driveway. Just like puddles, these areas of ice can make your resin bound driveway slippery, so it’s important to check your driveway for any slippery areas following a drop in temperature or substantial rain.

Are resin driveways slippery in winter?

As mentioned above, resin driveways can become slippery after rain, snow, and/or a drop in temperature. With average winter temperatures in the UK varying between 2°C and 7°C, just a few degrees below these average values can lead to the formation of ice and snow during these chilly few months.

Based on information provided by Current Results, the entire UK averages 16 days of rain or snow in December alone. As a result, you may find your resin bound driveway slippery throughout December as well as the other winter months that are well-known by the British for being particularly miserable this time of year.

How do I stop my resin from being slippery?

Now you know when and why a resin bound driveway is most likely to become slippery, it’s important to find out how you can prevent these unfortunate side effect of the unruly elements. Luckily, any puddles following rainfall should drain away with ease if your resin driveway has been professionally installed.

However, to remove snow and ice, we typically recommend using a plastic shovel to physically remove the snow. Alternatively, you could wait for the snow to melt and then naturally drain away via the permeable membrane. However, if the temperature is likely to drop in the coming days, then removing the snow is often your best bet for avoiding the formation of ice.

If ice has already taken hold of your resin driveway, however, then we suggest using a salt/grit solution. This is safe to use on resin driveways and will eliminate both frost and ice, ensuring your driveway is safe for vehicles and pedestrians alike. Once the ice has cleared up, simply wash the surface to remove any salt traces using clean water.

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