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Why you should invest in a permeable resin driveway

Keen to find out more about permeable resin driveways? Discover the many practical benefits of opting for a sleek and contemporary permeable resin drivewayfrom the expert resin bound driveway providers here at Impress Paving.

Below, we explain not only why it’s important for resin paving for driveways and patios to come with a permeable membrane, but also how this sought-after feature is incorporated into the surfacing solution.

What is a permeable driveway?

A permeable driveway simply refers to any driveway that naturally allows water to drain from the surface and be transferred below the sub-base. Constructed using porous materials, these driveways help to prevent heavy downpours from materialising as big puddles of surface water outside your property and posing a flood risk.

Alongside permeable resin driveways, gravel and dry-laid pavers are also examples of permeable driveways. An increasingly popular choice for many homeowners, permeable driveways have a long list of benefits that we explore in greater detail below to help you determine whether this type of driveway is right for your home or business.

Is a resin driveway permeable?

Yes, resin driveways have endless benefits – one of which is their permeable membrane. Designed to be smooth, firm, and flat, resin driveways are composed of both resin and an aggregate mixture. The small gaps in between the aggregate and resin allows water to pass through, creating a porous surface.

It’s important to bear in mind, however, that resin bound and resin bonded driveways are different in this respect. While resin bound driveways are permeable and laid on top of an open surface asphalt, resin bonded surfacing is non-permeable and should be installed on top of either concrete or non-porous, course asphalt.

Why permeable driveways are important

While typically installed to tackle urban flooding, permeable driveways have a whole host of useful benefits. Most importantly, they are generally viewed as a better alternative to non-permeable surfacing solutions. Each type of permeable driveway, however, will have its own advantages and areas to consider, so it’s well worth researching your options before making your decision.

Benefits of permeable resin driveways

To help you determine whether a permeable resin driveway would meet your requirements, we’ve listed some of the biggest benefits of this porous surfacing solution. From making the entrance to your home more welcoming for guests to protecting your property, you won’t regret investing in a resin bound driveway.

  • Low-maintenance – With no puddles to sweep away or pesky watermarks to wash down, keeping your driveway looking seamless has never been easier. Instead, all you’ll need is a stiff brush to remove debris and a hose to wash your resin driveway down with clean water.
  • Safe – Slips and slides can cause all kinds of unwanted injuries – especially when young children or senior adults are involved. Luckily, with no puddles to navigate, a smooth, flat surface, and the reassuring anti-slip properties of resin driveways, any guests that find themselves on your driveway are unlikely to take a tumble!
  • Aesthetically-appealing – Instead of finding puddles dotted all over your driveway (courtesy of the great British weather!), a permeable resin driveway ensures the entrance to your home or business retains its aesthetic appeal. Plus, the porous surface also helps to prevent water marks from taking the shine away from the sweeping seamless carpet of your resin-aggregate drive.
  • Protects your property – Arguably, one of the most crucial aspects of installing a permeable resin driveway is the peace of mind you’ll receive when it comes to urban flooding. Designed to absorb water rather than displace it and direct it into a drainage system, a resin driveway can help to reduce the impact of flooding on your property.

Explore permeable resin driveways at Impress Paving

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