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What goes under a resin driveway?

Considering installing a resin driveway to ensure the entrance to your home or business is both smooth and stylish? With long-lasting and practical resin paving, you can achieve an exceptional finish, but what is the best way to prepare for this contemporary driveway revamp?

Below, we explore the various bases that make an ideal foundation for resin-bound surfacing. Our knowledgeable and highly-experienced team of resin driveway installers also explain the best way to prepare for resin paving – including everything from the removal of surface water to the repair of cracks.

Does a resin drive need a concrete base?

While a resin driveway can be installed on top of a concrete base, it is not the only base that is suitable for resin-bound surfacing. However, a solid concrete base of around 100mm makes the ideal foundation for most resin driveways as it’s long-lasting, reliable, and doesn’t move like concrete paving and other surfacing solutions.

What bases can be used for resin driveway?

Alongside concrete, a permeable asphalt surface and tarmac also make a suitable resin paving base, so you do have options when it comes to your choice of resin driveway materials. Typically, however you should avoid trying to install a resin driveway on top of a granular sub-base (regardless of how well-compacted it is).

Resin paving installed on an unsuitable base can lead to unsightly and premature cracking. As a result, it’s important to ask a professional to check that your existing (or proposed) tarmac, concrete, or asphalt base will be appropriate for the resin-bound surfacing.

How do you prepare for a resin driveway?

Before you start installing your resin driveway, it’s crucial that you prepare the base appropriately to ensure it remains in good condition for as long as possible. We explain some of the key elements of preparing for a resin driveway below.

Watch the weather

It’s incredibly important to pay attention to sources of moisture following the installation of a resin driveway. High humidity levels and rainwater both before and after the resin driveway installation, can create gas bubbles which results in clouding and aesthetic damage to the surface of the drive.

Is the surface suitable?

Alongside choosing a suitable base (such as tarmac or concrete), you must also ensure that this base is free-from damage like cracks. Any damage should be repaired before resin-bound surfacing is included in the equation, and, if the damage cannot be remedied, then a new, more suitable base should be laid in preparation for the resin driveway.

Prepare the surface

Once the base has been property repaired or freshly laid, you’ll need to ensure it’s ready for the resin paving. To do this, you’ll need to remove any water and/or debris, and then wait until the surface has thoroughly dried out. Similarly, any required equipment should also be clean and ready to use.

Obtain your materials

Due to the nature of this surfacing solution, you must ensure you have enough of all the necessary materials to complete the resin driveway as it cannot be installed in parts – unlike paving and other surfacing solutions. Most notably, this includes obtaining the correct style, quantity, and colour of aggregate and resin before the project is underway.

Protect your property

To avoid unsightly resin staining, it’s important to properly cover any areas that you don’t want to damage with tape before laying the resin-aggregate mixture on top of your driveway. This should cover all the edges of the driveway.

Resin driveways at Impress Construction

Eager to transform your driveway with sleek and seamless resin? Regardless of whether you want to improve the kerb appeal of your business or make parking on your driveway easier, resin-bound surfacing could be the solution you’ve been searching for!

For a low-maintenance and enviously-beautiful drive, choose robust resin driveways. Here at Impress Construction, our team of experienced constructors have installed countless resin driveways across the Greater Manchester area, ensuring plenty of satisfied customers along the way.

Ideal for both modern properties as well as traditional homes, you can choose from an extensive selection of multi-coloured aggregate options including reddish, grey, and white hues. To find out more about the styles and services on offer at Impress Construction, please feel free to give our helpful team a call today.

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