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Practical, stylish and striking, a resin driveway ensures an inviting entrance to any home or business in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Our seamless resin bound paving solutions allow you to transform bland and bumpy driveways into smooth, shiny and contemporary entranceways – all for an affordable price! Discover how our resin driveway specialists can update your Leeds-based property.

Searching for a resin bound driveway in Leeds? Look no further than our expert team of experienced pavers! At Impress Construction, our knowledgeable team of resin driveway specialists can travel to both residential and commercial locations across Leeds to help revamp your driveway.

By working with you and your personal preferences, we help you to tailor the appearance of your resin bound driveway using a wide range of multi-coloured aggregate mixtures. For quality resin driveways in the Leeds area, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Impress Construction and discuss your driveway desires with a member of our team.

Advantages of resin driveways

One of the main reasons that resin driveways are the fastest growing surfacing solution in the UK is thanks to their many practical benefits. This includes the fact that resin bound paving is low-maintenance, easy to clean and boasts fantastic tolerance, allowing resin driveways to handle both pedestrians and light traffic with ease.

Complete with oil-resistance and a permeable membrane that prevents water from pooling and subsequent water marks from spoiling your driveway, they’re designed to look good for as long as they last. The finished resin driveway result is a firm, flat and slip-resistant surface that’s ideal for a wide range of homes and businesses including nursing and care homes.

Resin driveways installation process

The installation process for a resin driveway involves laying a mixture of resin and aggregate on top of either a new of existing base of concrete or tarmac. Once this layer has completely dried, the surface is sealed in order to fend off stones, seeds and weeds. It’s recommended to wait at least eight hours before walking over the driveway and to wait an additional 40 hours before using a vehicle on this surface.

Commercial resin bound paving in Leeds

Ideal for everything from car parks and courtyards to access ramps and roads, resin bound paving can both visually transform and practically improve schools, leisure areas, and businesses. This versatile surfacing solution is suitable for a wide range of commercial projects and inclines, so please don’t hesitate to contact our team if you’re considering a business revamp.

Wondering why you should choose commercial resin bound surfacing over alternative paving materials? These public spaces are often subject to more frequent and significant footfall than residential properties, so it’s crucial that you opt for a robust, practical, and low-maintenance surfacing solution.

By choosing a long-lasting paving for your commercial project, you can also help to keep ongoing maintenance and replacement costs down. Innovative and flexible resin bound paving also delivers on accessibility, often being used to create accessible ramps in place of steps, ensuring the commercial space is usable for customers with a wide range of disabilities as well as individuals with pushchairs and small children.

Commercial resin bound surfacing is also well-known for being smooth (no slabs to trip over) and slip-resistant, making it a suitable choice for the outdoor spaces surrounding GP practices, nurseries, and leisure centres. This high-quality paving solution is therefore ideal for minimising accidents and injuries, giving both your staff and customers instant reassurance.

Choose Impress Construction for all your resin driveway and surfacing needs in Leeds

At Impress Construction, we offer 40 different combinations of multi-coloured aggregate to ensure you find the right shade to complement both the age and character of your property. We also have more than 40 years of experience, allowing our team of pavers to provide expert advice on the design, layout and technicalities of any resin driveway installation.

If you’re local to the Leeds area, why not get in touch today to discover how a sleek resin driveway could update your home? To discuss your driveway desires with an experienced and knowledgeable member of our team, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01484 644396 or fill out our handy contact form to submit your enquiry online.

Once we’ve received your details, we’ll be in touch shortly to either answer your resin bound surfacing enquiry or provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for your resin driveway revamp. For sensationally seamless resin driveways in Leeds and nearby areas in West Yorkshire, look no further than the capable and professional team of specialist pavers at Impress Construction.

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What Our Clients Think

Impress Construction have now worked with us on many projects over the years throughout the UK, their end result is always of the highest quality. Sometimes in challenging conditions and timeframes to meet deadlines, but always deliver. When we pick up the phone and appoint impress we know what were going to get.

Nick Greenwood

McDonalds Main Contractor

We employed Impress Construction Limited to undertake approx. 900m2 of fibre reinforced concrete complete with colour hardeners, sealers and imprinting to pattern to a podium deck on one of our projects in Henley-upon-Thames. Despite a challenging working environment, we found their approach to be very professional and their workmanship to be of a high quality.

Seamus McCarney

Commercial Manager - Daleraven Limited

After numerous quotes for both impressed concrete and resin driveways, Impress Construction Ltd really impressed us – with both the price and quality. The company gave us a few addresses to view which really helped us with our decision. Preparation was thorough and a great team of hard working, conscientious lads worked through “changeable” weather and finished the job on a Saturday for us.

Linda & Paul Hepworth